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Harbortraces explores two different cultures and places that share similar characteristics such as evolving a harbor town, now surrounded by industry, interstates and rail systems as part of a metropolitan city. Heijplaat, Rotterdam, Netherlands and Brooklyn-Curtis Bay, Baltimore, Maryland, USA are the two cities that are the subject of an environmental cultural arts exchange between the residents of these places through the efforts of Steve Bradley, media artist/educator and Kathie diStefano, theatre artist/educator.

The Eco News Show / Het Afval Journaal
Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 20:00 and Sunday October 28 at 14:00
location: de Kolk, Courzandseweg 51, Heijplaat, Rotterdam.

Exhibition between BFHS@MC high school students and Heijplaat Rotterdam residents
A Baltimore <-> Rotterdam Sister City reception
Sunday October 28 at 15:30 in “de Huiskamer” (de Living Room), Heysekader 1, Heijplaat, Rotterdam.


Sponsors and generous support
Baltimore, Maryland USA:  Baltimore <-> Rotterdam Sister City, Mayor’s Office, UMBC (BreakingGround, American Studies & Visual Arts), BFHS@MC, MSAC Arts in Community Grant, Curtis Bay Seniors, Polish Home Hall, and Curtis Bay Coalition, and Imaging Research Center Fellows

Heijplaat, Rotterdam, NL:  Stichting Lawine, Duurzaam Heijplaat / Sustainable Heijplaat, Woonbron, Charlois 550, Heijplaat Groen / Green Heijplaat, ASVZ and de Kolk